Government of Rwanda uses rwandan diaspora in Canada to advance its propaganda against the opposition.

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Honorable Ralph Goodale,

Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Honorable Ahmed D. Hussein,

Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship,

Excellencies, Ministers:

Re: Explosive situation in East Africa

The Rwandan Community of Canada would like to draw your attention to a potentially explosive situation which is building up in East Africa due, primarily, to deteriorating relations between Uganda and Rwanda. If unchecked, the situation could evolve to dangerous levels and set the entire sub-region ablaze, with catastrophic consequences in human loss and waves of refugees.

On April 7th Rwandans will be observing the 25th commemoration of the terrible genocide perpetrated against the Tutsis in 1994 which took a huge toll in human life and the country’s infrastructure. With the efforts of all citizens, and thanks to good governance, Rwanda miraculously emerged from the devastations of the 1994 genocide and has continued to enjoy rapid economic reconstruction. Perhaps more than any other people, Rwandans appreciate their hard-won peace and economic recovery. Now, however, there are concerns that all this could go in flames if peace in the region is interrupted as signs show it might well be.

On December 18, 2018, the United Nations Group of experts on the Democratic Republic of the Congo submitted to the Security Council an overwhelming report on the various armed groups that are terrorizing the civilian population in the east of the country. Page 9 of this report is devoted to a dissident terrorist group called Rwandan National Congress (RNC) headed by Kayumba Nyamwasa, a dissident Rwandan General living in South Africa. This group has recruited children-soldiers among its ranks, drown from Rwanda and the neighboring countries of Burundi, Congo-DR and Uganda. According to the Report, RNC runs training camps in Fizi, South Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Rwanda National Congress (RNC), in collaboration with FDRL has a stated goal of attacking Rwanda and is actively seeking facilitators in Africa and the West. It has the support of some countries, including Uganda and Burundi. It is in this context that one Ms. Charlotte Mukankusi, of Rwandan origin, currently residing in Canada, is assigned with duties of diplomacy for this terror group. Ms. Mukankusi was recently given a Ugandan Passport to help facilitate her movements in conducting RNC’s pursuits to destabilize Rwanda.

We, Canadians of Rwandan origin, are gravely concerned that a member of our community could be engaged in subversive activities which would be a betrayal of Canadian values of peace and democracy and a potential source of tensions among the Rwandan Community in Canada and a threat to the people of Rwanda. We are deeply concerned that subversive activities on the part of RNC may sway some of our young people in Canada to join terrorist groups abroad or nurture fringe groups in our midst.

Your Excellencies, Ministers, we urge you to pay urgent attention to this issue and authorize investigations to ensure that Ms. Charlotte Mukankusi does not contravene Canadian laws, obligations, and responsibilities expected of all of us.

Most respectfully,

Joachim Mutezintare,

President, Rwandan Community in Canada

RNC Ihuriro