RNC Press Release on Rwanda-Uganda border closing

RNC Press Release on Rwanda-Uganda border closing

Rwanda National Congress condemns the Government of Rwanda unnecessary decision to close Rwanda - Uganda border. This decision which took everyone by surprise including the Rwanda’s department of revenue negatively impacted the free movements of Rwandans and Rwandan goods, therefore causing economic loss and all sorts of inconveniences to Rwandans. 

After the Ugandan government unfolded Mr. Kagame’s evil plan to destabilize Uganda’s security, President Kagame has been behaving as the victim. Through the media, Mr. Kagame continues to mobilize Rwandans against the President of Uganda and his government in attempt to blindly bring Rwandans to his side. 

Rwanda National Congress would like to remind the government of Rwanda and the public that, Rwandans have no issues with their Ugandan brothers and sisters, and Mr. Kagame should NOT make his own created conflicts Rwanda’s conflicts. 
Rwanda National Congress asks the government of Rwanda to unconditionally reopen all the borders between Rwanda and Uganda, and stop using childish excuses to justify their miscalculated decision that also violates the East African Community membership. 

Feb 28, 2019

Turayishimye Jean Paul
Rwanda National Congress 

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